Nissan Continues to Give Back

December 14th, 2016 by

Nissan GrillOver the years, Nissan has consistently been known for keeping in touch with surrounding communities. With their artistically engineered vehicles continuing to sell at all-time highs, Nissan works to distribute their earnings among those that need a helping hand. Keep reading to learn more about just a couple of the organizations that Nissan employees are actively involved in.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

It’s no secret that many children go hungry everyday within our borders, but Nissan wants to help make it possible for every child to receive filling meals every day. By partnering with the Mississippi Food Network and their BackPack program, employees are able to help make this dream a reality. Not only has the company as a whole donated over $80,000 to the organization since 2006, but employees have also actively been involved in making a difference by volunteering their time to help assemble meal kits for the program.

Another organization that Nissan can be found lending assistance to on a regular basis is the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. This foundation is a minority-focused group that works to provide tomorrow’s leaders with the tools, resources, and knowledge that they need in order to be well prepared for success. Just recently, Nissan made a large donation of $20,000 to the foundation and plans on continuing to support this great organization.

It’s clear that Nissan is a proponent of furthering the education and increasing the quality of life for children all around the country. Assisting organizations above is just one of the great ways that the automobile manufacturer is able to give back to the community.

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