Should I Buy a Used Luxury Car?

May 24th, 2017 by

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Andover and Methuen drivers don’t have to be convinced that luxury cars are worth every penny, and used luxury cars offer some of the best deals in the auto market. Along with offering powerful—and reliable—drivetrains and all the latest and greatest driver assist technologies, they also tend to boast the best in exterior design features, interior comfort, and dependable safety systems. At Commonwealth Motors, we have a selection of pre-owned luxury vehicles that are priced to give you the most for your used car dollar, bringing those high-grade amenities to you without needing to pay luxury-level pricing.

The Benefits of Used Luxury Cars

So, what is so appealing about buying a used luxury car? Let us count the ways:

  • More for Less – The first benefit is the most obvious: by going used, you can get access to more luxury, more comfort features, and more technology for less money. Did you know that a used luxury car like a 2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 is priced similarly to a new mid-size (non-luxury) sedan?

  • CPO Programs – Second, manufacturers often offer Certified Pre-Owned programs, which ensure that a used luxury car has been inspected thoroughly in order to determine that it’s in good shape. Many CPO programs include extended warranties and service benefits.

  • Extended Warranties – In addition to CPO benefits, many used luxury cars are available with extended warranties, meaning that you’ll have to worry less about the possibility that things go wrong.

  • Less Depreciation – In general, a used car has already undergone the worst of its depreciation, which tends to occur over the first few years of its existence. Luxury cars naturally depreciate more slowly than non-luxury models, keeping more of their value and increasing the benefits of buying used.

And when you buy from Commonwealth Motors, you’ll have access to a wide range of models – good luck trying to find a pre-owned Audi at a Lexus dealership, or vice versa.

Test Drive a Used Luxury Car Today

You can learn more about our used luxury car line-up—and take one of these cars out on the road for a test drive—simply by stopping by our Commonwealth Motors dealership yourself. Check out our extensive inventory online, and remember that we make it easy to get behind the wheel in Lawrence. See what you need to finance a car and be ready to drive away in one of the finest – and most affordable – vehicles on the road. Visit us at 1 Commonwealth Drive today for your test drive.

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