Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

June 26th, 2017 by

We know that everyone wants to save money, but there are some corners you shouldn’t cut. Often drivers know they should change their oil regularly, but they don’t know why, so we’re here to answer that question: Why do I Need an Oil Change? Many of our Lawrence-area drivers come to their Commonwealth Motors dealership of choice – Chevy, Kia, Honda, Volkswagen, or Nissan – but we know many of you are likely a bit behind on your maintenance. Take now to schedule that oil change before it’s too late. How bad can it be? We break down the consequences below.

Why Oil Changes Are Necessary

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle—without it, your car is little more than a skeleton of metal and plastic, each piece of the engine grinding against the other.

Because your car is basically a collection of carefully designed and interconnected parts, oil is necessary to guarantee that these parts all work together smoothly, and that the heat released through the friction generated by a running engine is absorbed before it does any damage. Even when your oil quality is low, your car is not going to run as smoothly—or even as safely—as it otherwise would, because it won’t effectively absorb heat or lubricate the engine. Old or degrading oil is better than no oil at all, but it’s why we recommend oil changes after a certain mileage or a certain amount of time has passed.

That’s why you need to make sure that your oil remains in top-notch shape. Thankfully, we at Commonwealth Motors can do that: our experienced technicians will change out your oil, replace filters, and inspect for other possible issues while we have your care here. And don’t worry, our service specials and already low prices make it easy to afford the level of care your car deserves.

Get Your Oil Changed Today at Commonwealth Motors

If you’re interested in getting your oil changed today, all you need do is stop by a Commonwealth Motors service center, where out talented technicians will take care of you ASAP. Get in touch with us online or drop by; you can just drive in or schedule an appointment, whatever works for you!

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